Imed Hammouda venia legendi

Klipi teostus: Mirjam Paales 05.10.2012 3569 vaatamist Arvutiteadus

Title: Architectural Design Decisions Motivated by Open Source Legality Concerns


Speaker: Imed Hammouda, Tampere University of Technology


Complications emerge when various open source software components, governed by different licenses, are used in the same software system. For various reasons, these licenses introduce different privileges and requirements on the use and distribution of composed code, and are therefore often fundamentally incompatible with each other when combined arbitrarily. Consequently the way the different components can be integrated requires attention at the level of software architecture. The lecture discusses the effects of open source licenses on software architectural design and introduces open source legality patterns – architectural design decisions motivated by open source legality concerns.



 The venia legendi was supported by ERF programme "Estonian higher education information and communications technology and research and development activities state program 2011-2015 (ICT program)"