Juridica international 10. anniversary

European Legal Harmony: Goals and Milestones III

06.12.2005 3913 vaatamist konverents Õigusteadus

Prof. Werner Krawietz, University of Münster, Germany One World, One Law, One Culture? Globalisation in the Modern Legal Thinking Prof. Matthias Storme, University of Antverpen, Belgium Freedom of Contract and Non-Mandatory Law Prof. Valentinas Mikelenas, University of Vilnius, Lithuania The Main Features of the New Lithuanian Contract Law According to The Civil Code of 2000 Prof. Erik Nerep, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden The Prospects of a Harmonised Company Law in the European Union: Current Status and Developments Prof. Kaspars Balodis, University of Latvia, Latvia Contractual Aspects of Formation and Composition of Commercial Partnerships Prof. Paul Varul, University of Tartu, Estonia Estonian and European Civil Codes: Similarities and Differences Prof. Heiki Pisuke, University of Tartu, Estonia Private International Law in a Legal System: a European Perspective Closing Remarks