prof John Hartley:
"Understanding Social Media: The Turn To Evolution, Complexity and ´The Three Bigs`"

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Renowned media scholar John Hartley, currently Professor of Cultural Science at Curtin University, Australia, has been applying semiotic tools in media studies since his first, celebrated book "Reading Television" written together with John Fiske in 1978. Professor Hartley has published over twenty books about communication, journalism, media and cultural studies. Lotman's ideas on culture as a semiotic system have played an important part in his approach to media, cultural industries and innovation.
JURI LOTMAN LECTURES is a series dedicated to his memory. The series calls for continuous dialogical inception of new ideas by inviting the scholars who are already in dialogue with Lotman's legacy to elaborate their ideas in dialogue with those who value the semiotic tradition of the Tartu-Moscow School. 

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