Jason Baird Jackson "Contemporary Developments in Museum Ethnology and Material Culture Studies"

Klipi teostus: Kätlin Luht & TÜ etnoloogia osakond 05.10.2018 1361 vaatamist Etnoloogia Folkloristika

In the final session, the focus will be on emergent trends at the intersection of museum ethnology and material culture studies. These trends will be situated within a broader revitalization of work within these endeavors. Among the developments to be discussed are: (1) the changing role of museums in society, (2) reconfigured relationships with originating or source communities, (3) the impact of new digital technologies, and (4) the rise of new or reconfigured heritage and property regimes. We will also reflect on the relationship between museum/collections-based material culture studies and the now much larger and more diverse realm of material culture studies as a whole.

Lisainfo veebis: https://www.flku.ut.ee/et/uudised/jason-baird-jacksoni-loengukursus-materiaalne-kultuur-muuseum-septembris-oktoobris-2018