Seminar: Bioinformatic aspects of Personalized Medicine

Klipi teostus: Ahti Saar 30.05.2019 2111 vaatamist Arvutiteadus

We are happy to announce a public seminar on Bioinformatic aspects of Personalized Medicine, which takes place on May 30 in J. Liivi 2 room 317 at 15:15.
At the seminar, Tõnis Tasa and Sulev Reisberg will give an overview of their PhD theses submitted for the public defence that will be held at the end of August.
• Tõnis Tasa – „Bioinformatics approaches in personalized pharmacotherapy“.  Supervisors: Tuuli Metsvaht, Lili Milani and Jaak Vilo.
• Sulev Reisberg – „Developing computational solutions for personalized medicine“. Supervisors: Jaak Vilo.
Everybody who is interested to know about the IT solutions and challenges ahead of us in Personalized (Precision) Medicine are welcome!

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