Prof. Gabriele Griffin (Uppsala University)
Staying with the Trouble: Issues of Ethics and Researcher Self Reflexivity in the Age of Digitality

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9th Winter School „Troubling Gender: Theory and Method“
University of Tartu, Estonia
3–7 February 2020
This Winter School invites you to engage in critical reflection on gender as a theoretical and methodological tool used across the humanities and social sciences. Gender is a frequently evoked, yet troubling, notion. We can no longer take the terms ‘woman’ and ‘man’ for granted. The certainties of early research in feminist and women’s studies have been challenged by insights from queer, postcolonial and posthumanist thought. It is thus time to reignite the discussion of how gender can trouble existing theoretical paradigms, methodological toolkits and disciplinary boundaries.

The event is supported by the University of Tartu ASTRA Project PER ASPERA (European Regional Development Fund).


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