Physicum seminar "Recent fusion energy record in JET and our contribution to fusion research under EUROfusion"

Klipi teostus: Nils Austa 17.02.2022 2991 vaatamist Füüsika ja astrofüüsika

•    Indrek Jõgi (Associated Professor of Plasma Technology) - JET DTE2 campaign and why it is important
•    Aleksandr Luštšik (Professor of Solid State Physics) - Wide-gap materials with optical window capabilities for diagnostics in projected fusion reactors
•    Volodymyr Gulik (Research Fellow in Materials Science) - Designing radiation resistant concrete walls for the fusion power plants
•    Indrek Jõgi (Associated Professor of Plasma Technology) - Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for the diagnostics of fusion reactor walls