"Process-based biology: Philosophical background and Implications" with Professor John Dupré

"Human Individuals"


Klipi teostus: UTTV 20.05.2022 324 vaatamist Filosoofia ja semiootika

In this lecture I consider some implications for the individual of the processual status. In particular I look at two classical philosophical issues, the problem of personal identity and the problem of free will. I argue that a process ontology illuminates both of these questions. In the case of personal identity, the identity over time of a process is generally taken to be based on causal continuity rather than conserved properties, so that it can be accepted that different stages of a life may have little in common. Familiar problems of bifurcation, whether fictional or real (homozygous twins) are easily dealt with. Open-ended processes, maintaining a degree of order in an indeterministic, highly disordered world can provide a place for autonomy and agency in living systems generally, and specifically for the special capacities of human individuals envisaged by defenders of free will.