Wool conference - 1st day (ENG)

Klipi teostus: Maritta Anton 17.11.2022 1717 vaatamist Kultuur

On 17-18 November 2022 an international wool conference was held in Viljandi, Estonia, focusing on the use of wool in Estonia. The aim of the conference was to introduce the properties and uses of wool and to encourage people to use more local wool in a sustainable way. 

On the first day of the conference, experts from both the Nordic countries and Europe gave an overview of the wool industry in different countries and of new initiatives to develop the full wool production chain:

  • „Sheep, Woolcraft and Regenerative Land-use“ / Patrick Dillon (Professor Emeritus, College of Social Sciences and International Studies, University of Exeter, UK);
  • „The Ecological Entanglements of Estonian Native Wool“ / Mathilde Lind (herdsman and ethnologist, USA);
  • „British Wool, from farm to product“ / Haldi Kranich-Wood (wool expert and product manager at British Wool, UK);
  • „The Wool Value Chain in Norway - From Sheep to Textile. Use to Conserve - the Grey Gold of the Old Sheep“ / Ingvild Svorkmo Espelien (Project Manager, Selbu Wool Mill, Norway);
  • „Ullkontoret - a Small but Large Scale Wool Scouring Line in Sweden“ / Hans Bulthuis (Ullkontoret, local wool activist, Visby, Sweden);
  • „How to Take Off - Three Wool Projects on Gotland Led to a Co-working Factory“ / Jenny Andersson (Ullkontoret, Gotland Grey GUTI, local wool activist, Visby, Sweden);
  • „WOOLDAYS/3 Years on Local Wool, Introduction and Networking for Artists, Designers and Architects“ / Anne Baasgaard (Textile artist, Trondheim wool network leader, Norway).

A presentation of the EEA/Norway cooperation project „Estonian and Norwegian local wool - conducting a study and creating teaching materials for higher education textile students“ was also held, where the progress of the project and the first results of the study were presented.  

Lisainfo veebis: https://sisu.ut.ee/eestivill/wool-conference