UT Computer Scientists Present Unique Home Care Robot

24.08.2011 5268 vaatamist Tehnoloogia Arvutiteadus Varia

UT computer scientists alongside with scientists from Italy, Austria, Netherland and Czechoslovakia will develop a special home care robot - ROBO M.D. - which monitors and detects critical situations which need prompt medical attention for eldery people or people with cardiovascular diseases. The projects main objectives are to increase patients' services via wireless ICT technology, to offer a service tool to beneficiaries and to help to decrease the cost of regional home care systems. According to the project leader from UT's side, Senior Researcher in UT Computer Technology Department, Mr Satish Srirama, this project is very beneficiary for both the students and scientists of UT as it gives them the opportunity to make valuable contacts and work alongside with collegues from other European countries. "Our goal is also a very pleasant one as it will clearly improve the lives of elderly and pacients with heart condition," he added. The participants will investigate by interaction with its targeted benificiaries, the best results of remote care for patients and public and private organizations and operators. ROBO M.D. favours the exchange of experience, putting together groups with different expertise e.g. combining specialists in physiological modelling, medical and clinical expertise, human pattern recognition, statistical data analysis and prototype building. The ROBO M.D. project is part of European Union fonded Interreg IVC project "Innovation 4 Welfare". For more information see www.innovation4welfare.eu/307/subprojects/robo-m-d.html