Juridica international 10. anniversary

European Legal Harmony: Goals and Milestones II

06.12.2005 3227 vaatamist konverents Õigusteadus

Prof. Carlo Castronovo, Milan Catholic University del S.Cuore, Italy Common Frame of Reference and Acquis. Conciliation or Clash? Prof. Ole Lando, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark Some Remarks on "legislative style". The European and Unidroit Principles Compared with the German Rules on Contractual Obligations of 2001 and the French Draft Reform of the Law of Obligations Prof. Jerzy Rajski, University of Warsaw, Poland On the Need for a Progressive Harmonization of Private Law in the European Union: the Role of Legal Science and Education Prof. Lena Sisula-Tulokas, University of Helsinki, Finland European Harmonization of Civil Law from a Nordic Perspective heli: Aimar Sild