Visual Media Service

The main task of the Visual Media Service of the University of Tartu is to live stream, record, edit and archive videos of the university's important events. Our team has the expertise and technical capacity to provide live streaming of events, regardless of the location.

We record and edit videos for educational and research purposes and provide a range of video, photo and audio services.

Contact the Visual Media Service:

Audio, Photo and Video

  • Video, Photo and Audio Capture of Events
  • Live Broadcast Over the Internet
  • Recording of Lectures, Syncing with Slides
  • Videotape Digitizing
  • Sound Amplification at Events
  • Developing of Black and White Negatives and Slides
  • Digitizing and Processing of Old Photos and Film

Conference and Teaching Support

  • Quick Print of Conference Materials and Posters
  • Media Support for Conferences
  • Sound Amplification at Events
  • Live Streaming Over the Internet
Multimedia service fees
Contacts: tel +372 737 5591, e-mail