The University of Tartu conference:
"VISION 2032" - Estonia in 2032

Klipi teostus: UTTV 11.04.2014 8868 vaatamist Haridusteadus

University is called to be a leader. The professors and researchers of the University are expected to take the lead in solving problems, but it is even more important for the University to be capable of providing innovative and inspiring solutions for the world. As the only universitas to operate in the Estonian language, the University of Tartu is capable of foreseeing and influencing the developments in various areas of life, as well as offering new viewpoints on economic, social as well as technological issues.
Every so often we need to remind ourselves that the University’s strength and vitality is based on our preparedness to give back to the society. This is our social responsibility. We want to reiterate the University’s responsibility as the guarantor of the society’s welfare in our new Development Strategy for the years 2014–2020.
At the upcoming vision conference recognized experts of different disciplines from Estonia and abroad will discuss social trends that are shaping the world around us, and will attempt to outline the challenges to the universities. To accompany the presentations, a collection of articles on future development scenarios by the University of Tartu researchers is scheduled to be published by the time of the conference. The collection presents visions of the near future, agendas and calls for action based on the knowledge and research results of the members of our academic community.

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