Walter Faaij
"Why Innovation Begs for Anthropologists".

Klipi teostus: UTTV 01.10.2018 4021 vaatamist Etnoloogia Rakendusantropoloogia

At the outset innovation appears to be about technology. In reality, it is all about people – people who generate ideas, people who develop new products and services, and people who are the end-users. As we strive for innovative organisations, we should not focus on single individuals, but rather the relationships between them and the organisational culture.


Walter Faaij is a corporate anthropologist, culture consultant, keynote speaker, specialized in corporate culture, culture change, inclusion and sustainability. He has extensive experience in ethnographic research in public and private environments, among fisherman in Greenland as well as in innovation teams in energy companies. He is involved in guiding culture change trajectories, mergers and reorganizations, executive coaching, market research and feasibility studies, and facilitating sensitive and brave dialogues within or between organizations. In his keynote he will concentrate on connections between innovation and organizational culture.


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