ODE workshop 2: Best practice in data citability and the evolving role of libraries

Klipi teostus: UTTV 27.06.2012 15426 vaatamist Varia

Room: Struve 2 
We have already established that libraries must adopt a new role in terms of supporting the exchange of scientific research data. Our research has shown that the library has the potential to address many of the current gaps in linking data to publications. Furthermore, libraries, more than any stakeholder, are aware of the central role that citability can play in terms of incentivising data sharing, for both researchers and publishers, and the long term success of investment in infrastructures for data exchange. This workshop will present the results of our survey on the role of libraries in data exchange in order to validate and achieve consensus on what a unified vision of our role in this landscape should look like. As well as this, it will call on participants to critically examine best practices in data citability.

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