"The roles of the frontal lobes in emotion, decisions and learning in humans" LESLEY K. FELLOWS, MD CM, DPhil

Video by: UTTV 20.09.2013 5062 views Psychology

Kahjuks jäi LF loengu salvestis tehnilistel põhjustel poolikuks. Seevastu on tasuta saadaval tema poolt kirjutatud õpikupeatükk, mis sama teemat veel põhjalikumalt käsitleb: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK92793/

This talk will review work on the contributions of specific regions of the human frontal lobes to component processes of value-based decision-making and learning. I will show that damage to orbitofrontal cortex disrupts fundamental aspects of value-based choice, and to learn from reward and punishment. These deficits may relate to a common requirement to predict the value of decision outcomes. I will also show that choices between stimuli with different values can be dissociated from choices between actions with different values, and rely on distinct frontal lobe regions. The relationship between these fundamental processes and the deficits in social and emotional processing commonly seen after ventral frontal lobe damage will also be discussed.


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