Guest talk by Prof. Alister Burr, University of York, UK

Video by: Maria Gaiduk 01.04.2015 15725 views Computer Science

Title: Linear Physical Layer Network Coding for multihop wireless networks
Speaker: Alister Burr, University of York, UK
Abstract: We introduce the concept of linear physical-layer network coding (LPNC) and discuss its application to multi-hop wireless relay networks, for applications such as ‘smart grids’ and the Internet of Things.  “Linear” here implies that the network coding functions are linear on some algebraic field or ring; we first consider the requirements for such functions to ensure both that the data from all sources can be decoded at any destination(s) where it is required, and also that the required functions can be decoded at each relay.  We then introduce some possible algebraic structures that might be used for these functions, in particular some based on binary matrices.  We also compare performance of these structures in some very simple examples. 
Bio: Alister Burr received a BSc degree from University of Southampton in 1979 and PhD from University of Bristol in 1984, and is now at University of York, UK, where he has been Professor of Communications since 2001.  His research interests are primarily concerned with the physical layer of wireless communications, including coded modulation, turbo codes, iterative methods, MIMO, and most recently physical layer network coding.  He has been chair of the PHY working group in the COST wireless Actions 273, 2100 and IC1004.