ECPR Graduate Student Conference 2016
Roundtable - How to Write a Research Proposal

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The aim of this roundtable will be to provide advice on putting together research proposals, both for national and international funders. Where applicable, speakers will be asked to discuss different types of proposals: dissertation proposals, post-doc applications, project funding applications.


Dr. Katrin Uba, Uppsala University: Associate Professor in Political Science. Her research focuses on protest mobilisation, social movement outcomes and the labour movement in Sweden and beyond. Her research has been funded by the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, the EU’s FP7 programme, the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Energy Agency.
Dr. Kristjan Vassil, University of Tartu: Senior Researcher at the Skytte Institute of Political Studies and Vice-Dean for Research and Development. A graduate of the European University Institute in 2012, he went on to obtain a post-doctoral position back in his native Estonia, where he has since applied successfully for five research grants, including most recently a one million euro grant to create a Center for IT Impact Studies.
Hector C. Pagan, University of Tartu: Lecturer at the Skytte Institute of Political Studies. For more than 20 years, Hector Pagan has written funding proposals in the US and Estonia. He has raised over €9 million, writing EU funding proposals in consultation with researchers and practitioners in a wide range of fields.

Moderator Liisa Talving

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