European Union in global context. Lecture 3. EU in the world arena: advantages and challenges

Klipi teostus: Evar Saar 22.02.2011 13044 vaatamist õppevideo Riigiteadus

In the light of the recent African Democratic Crisis, the EU didn't took a special position on the matter, but individual countries like Italy, Malta and Spain spoke about the outcome of that situation for Europe. The position about the fight for democracy in those countries was not seen as a powerful moment to help them to develop a democratic regime; instead the idea behind it was to create task forces to secure the borders and access the damage done to oil banks. So, is the EU really engaged in putting forward and developing the values and ideals that forged its identity or are we more concerned about securing our economic interests and way of life? In this lecture we focus on past positions of the EU and their general outcome, cooperation measures and the new approach to the developing countries (BRIC) that are taking over the economic and political stage. The main question is, how do we define ourselves in today's world?