Ulla Hakala (PhD) public lecture "The status of Capital of Culture and its effect on a city's brand equity"

Video by: UTTV 07.12.2011 17801 views public lecture Economics

Abstract of presentation
The aim of the presentation is to discuss the role of Cultural Capital status in branding a city, i.e. how a city can increase its brand equity via its Cultural Capital status and the promotional activities incorporated to the year. The European Capital of Culture is one of the most prestigious and high-profile European cultural events, with demanding requirements to match. In 2011, the title has been awarded to Tallinn of Estonia and Turku of Finland; the presentation focuses on the latter.
The cultural capital status can operate as a means to develop the parent city. If managed well, it can increase the awareness, motivate people to experience and enhance the quality of experiences. It also gives – via partnerships – the brand promoter opportunities to form a deeper relationship with the visitors, which enables greater loyalty than before.
The importance of acknowledging the impact of promotion and having a long-term focus within brand management are highlighted. Throughout the presentation, illustrations are given to broaden the understanding and to activate discussion among the audience.