European Union in global context. Lecture 1. Introduction to the course. Main principles and logic behind EU global participation

08.02.2011 13053 views video lesson Government and Politics

In this first lecture, several questions are raised about the European Unions global activity, the logic that precedes them and that contributes to the creation of the global European image and values. Is the EU a global player with a single voice or are we divided by every member-states ambitions and interests? In the light of the recent economic crisis, Europe seamed fragmented and dispersed in the actions that were taken to minimize the global impact of this turbulence; most of the negotiations concerning the countries in difficulties were done by the most rich and powerful countries in the EU and not by a united voice linked to the EU decision making institutions. Does this help to convince the outside world that the EU is a united front and that has common and solid goals? Should Europe keep the guidelines for action abroad or prioritize its own problems at home? It seams that every plan to acknowledge the power of Europe abroad through military and diplomatic measures are diminished by the lack of action and attention to the problems concerning the member-sates. So, should Europe keep doing the same thing or create a new strategic approach to enhance its success?