4th ESIL Research Forum
Panel 9:NATO, CSTO and the United Nations: The Uneasy Overlap of Regional and Universal Collective Security Organizations

27.05.2011 13612 vaatamist konverents Õigusteadus

Chair: Erika de Wet, University of Pretoria Panelists: 1. Alena Douhan, Belarusian State University, Minsk, "CIS, CSTO and the United Nations: Could an Active Regional System of Collective Security Ever be Established?" 2. Eki Omorogbe, University of Leicester, "The African Union and the United Nations: Conflict or Cooperation?" 3. Csaba Toro, Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, "Hierarchy of Responsibilities in International Collective Security: Regional Action as Subsidiary Response in the Absence of UN Security Council Authorisation"

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