IT Law Conference on Legal Technology 2016

Speaker: Anna Ronkainen, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, TrademarkNow

Topic: Keynote Address: From Research to Innovative Legal Tech Products

Klipi teostus: Jaanika Seli 26.05.2016 14517 vaatamist Õigusteadus

Anna will hold the second keynote address of the day, introducing legal technologies and their impact across the globe based on her own research in this field. She is an artificial intelligence and law scholar doing research at the intersection of IP law, cognition and vague norms, with over 15 years of experience in linguistic software development including many successes in project and product management. Anna is teaching the first ever program in a Northern European law school (University of Turku) on Legal Technology and Innovation. Anna is also a co-founder of TrademarkNow, a Finnish legal tech company developing solutions for trademark law based on artificial intelligence, used by many industry leaders, law firms and branding agencies across the world. Founded in 2012, it combines one trademark attorney’s frustrations with existing solutions with a decade of earlier research and a world-class development team. Anna will elaborate on the company’s back story and demonstrates the current product line, including latest features.

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