IT Law Conference on Legal Technology 2016

Speaker: Priit Parmakson, Architect, Estonian Information System Authority

Topic: Interoperability between IT and Law

Klipi teostus: Jaanika Seli 26.05.2016 14456 vaatamist Õigusteadus

E-government services and information systems must comply with and be traceable to the law. This interoperability between law and IT, the fundamental principle of legality, places strong demands on public sector IT. Despite the promise of various technologies - ontologies, semantic web etc, it is not that easy to attain frictionless alignment between legal texts and machine code in practice. Priit will talk about lessons learned in semantic and legal interoperability projects and offer a look ahead towards more lightweight approaches. Priit is the lead architect of the Estonian public sector metadata catalogue. He also works in other Estonian governmental infrastructural systems and has served as an expert in various EU semantic interoperability and metadata projects.

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