IT Law Conference on Legal Technology 2016

Speaker: Raul Sirel, Founder of Texta

Topic: Extracting Information from Court Decisions with TEXTA Toolkit

Klipi teostus: Jaanika Seli 26.05.2016 15507 vaatamist Õigusteadus

Publicly available court decisions constitute a resource that is heavily used but only a fraction of their full potential has been exploited. The question is how to extract meaningful information from them? Raul Sirel will explain and show how natural language processing techniques have helped us to extract metadata from free text when public metadata is not available and how TEXTA toolkit brings searching and analysing court decisions to a whole new level. Raul, founder of Texta OÜ, has background in text mining, natural language processing and machine learning. He has worked as a researcher in data and text mining projects at the University of Tartu, Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre, University of Western Sydney and National ICT of Australia. Raul is currently pursuing his PhD in computational linguistics and leading the development of TEXTA Toolkit.

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